About Me

About Tripp

About Tripp

Hello! I'm Tripp. I am originally from South Carolina, but I now hang my hat in Pennsylvania. I have been a software engineer / architect for the last 10+ years designing and building software solutions to solve customer problems.

I currently work for Perfect Commerce managing an offshore team as the Development Director for the WebProcure application.

I graduated from Clemson University (B.S. Computer Engineering).
I love Pub / Music trivia.
I watch way too many CW shows.

What I Do

  • Customer Requirement Analysis
  • Software Solution Design
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Development Resource Management

How I Do It

Java - 90%
HTML - 90%
JavaScript - 85%
CSS - 70%
SQL - 80%
Music Trivia - 96%
Karaoke - 75%