Wink 2 – Better than SmartThings 2?

Today, I finally received version 2 of the Wink Hub. I’ve been a long time SmartThings user having used by version 1 and the current iteration of the hardware hub. I had originally started with the Staples Connect hub (which seems like ages ago) and have a bunch of Lutron switches that I later learned were not compatible with SmartThings when I made the switch. When I saw the Wink 2 would support those dust-collectors, I decided to give it a shot to see how it would fare against my tried-and-true SmartThings setup. Here are my first impressions after un-boxing this bad boy.


Well, that was easy (Staples pun intended). I guess that is the norm these days with connecting an automation hub. Once plugged in and connected to my router, I installed the Android app and we were off!

Wink Setup


The app walks you through setting up any existing connected hardware you have in your home. I immediately went with adding my Hue lights since I know those will work with both the Wink and SmartThings at the same time. Once I authenticated with Hue via Google auth, the app just presented me with a spinning icon. I thought it was hung up, but it eventually came back and told me no lights were found. I tried again with the same results. Things are not starting out well so far…

I decided to kill the app and restart. That seems to have done the trick as it immediately detected my new Wink hub. Maybe it was because I signed up for a Wink account in the same session? This time, the Hue hub / lights were added successfully and the app walked me through light controls (as well as a Hue firmware update). Once completed, I was free to control my lights. Light reaction does seem a tad bit slower than it is when I toggle one in the SmartThings app. I’ll see if that continues.

I will also note that I immediately noticed the app is much “prettier” than the ST app. Oh and I can create light groups directly from the app??? To me, that is a huge win over ST as I haven’t been able to find a clean, easy way to make that happen. Hopefully, there are more pleasant surprises coming my way.

Next, I connected my ecobee3 thermostat. That was super easy and connected with no issue.

Pretty much everything else I have is Z-Wave so I will have to remove them from the SmartThings hub before I can play in this new world. I plan to entertain myself with that tomorrow and will update with my progress. Stay tuned!


I am a bit bummed that Sonos is not supported. Yeah, I probably should have looked that up before pulling the trigger. I like having every speaker in my house announce when somebody opens / closes the front door (as well as other sound-based automations) 🙂 I’m going to see if connecting the Wink hub to my Home Assistant installation might solve that problem before I rule this one out.


What do you think??